Spieces of wood

Botanical name: Aningeria.

Type: tree of Sapotaceae family. Colour of Anegry wood varies from light-yellow to light-brown with slight nacreous luster. The light plays on the surface of Anegry wood like it plays on natural amber hair of wheaten tint. This colour is so neutral and soft that it can wed with any interior.

Texture: Anegry wood is amazingly uniform in appearance. Striae and growth rings do not stand out but they run together into one sole-coloured leaf. Its rich glory is the most remarkable feature which distinguishes Anegry wood from others. Sometimes Anegry fibers acquire attractive ripple pattern which adds yet more glory to the wood.

Density: 510 to 570 kg/m3.

Range: Anegry comes from African coutries. This tree grows in Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Uganda, Congo. Anegry is called as Nigerian birch.

Anegry is a shining tree from the Southern Hemisphere. The nature gave an amazing colour and pearl luster to Anegry wood.

Mechanical properties: Anegry wood is pliant to machining: it is easily seasoned, polished, spliced, paint coated. If fixtures are to be used, then rough drilling of places for fixture driving in/twisting in is required. Generally, no trouble happens when machining of Anegry wood. However, one thing should be considered: if Anegry wood is treated with calciferous materials then white spots can remain of the surface.


Anegry is a tree of the Sun. Sun rays have soaked into Anegry wood and made it light like southern day.

Anegry is a tree that sends forth heat.