Spieces of wood

Botanical name: Fraxinus ornus.

Type: tree of Oleaceae family. Ash-wood has uncommonly gentle colour: creamy-white like cashew and pale-brown like cocoa with milk. The core of tree may be black or dark-brown. This kind of ash-wood is valued for its decorative pattern.

Texture: large, porous, moderately rough. White ash-wood is very robust matt wood with high impact strength and flexibility. Straight fibers of different tint can be seen on the cut. These tints create harmonic and unique pattern.

Density: 530 to 820 kg/m3.

Range: this tree mainly grows in Eastern Canada, on the East of the USA, in Southern Europe and South-west Asia. North America is the habitat of ash-tree.

Various defects of wood, markings and scratches are almost unnoticeable due to expressive texture of wood and dark-brown, pink or olivaceous striae that adorn it.

Mechanical properties: ash-wood is similar to oak-wood but ash-wood is harder and it has higher impact strength and splitting resistance. Wood can splice well, it does not crack after seasoning, can be processed on machines and manually. After processing its surface becomes very smooth.

Application: at the habitat of ash-tree, in North America, solid and flexible stripes of this tree were used in basket weaving and manufacturing of shafts for weaving looms. White ash-wood was used in construction of windmills and manufacturing of houseware as far as this wood has no taste.

White ashwood is valued in production of furniture, parquet and veneer for doors due to its decorative surface with strie of different brown colour tints.

Gentle colour, exceptional quality, decorative texture of white ash-wood will decorate your interior.