Varadoor manufacturing is smooth-running operation that has proved its accuracy by release of thousand doors. Over 11 years we have developed our own staged wood door production technology and here you will find the detailed description of it.

1. Selection of wood
Base of Varadoor doors is produced from wood, that’s why selection of wood is the first production stage. The process begins with quality assessment of supplied materials for various factors: “place of birth” of wood, condition of bark, gummosity and ecological properties. Varadoor keeps strict track of material quality to prevent any defects even amongst tons of wood.

2. Timber mill
After inspection accepted wood is sent to timber mill. Bark is cut off and then wood is cut into precise blocks. Blocks are racked up into tracks and sent to drying chambers.

3. Seasoning of wood
Varadoor has 10 drying chambers on its territory that can treat 400 cubic metres of wood simultaneously. Every species of wood is kept under temperature for certain number of days until excess moisture is eliminated. Electronic controller monitors the quality of seasoning: it controls the process and warns when wood is ready. Professional inspector carries out the final check by measurement of moisture level with moisture meter. If level of moisture exceeds the allowable value (definite for each species), then this wood is returned for additional seasoning.

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1. Removal of defects
Seasoned blocks of wood are treated in blank production shop to remove the flaws: knots, doted sections, flaws. Knotless fine wood is obtained after such treatment. This gives a base for perfectly flat and solid Varadoor door.

2. Splicing
Blocks of wood of one species undergo face splicing: chopper barbs the faces followed by glue smearing and splicing lengthwise. Blocks are pressed down on special presses under 2 atmospheres. All this is performed on computer-aided splicing line.

3. Calibration
Then all parts and workpieces for doors are calibrated and assorted according to size

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1. Assembly of frame
In ancient times doors from wood were manufactured manually. Nowadays many wood treatment processes are computer-assisted. However, production of Varadoor is different because we know when we should use equipment and when to entrust the work to hands of master workman.
After processing and in-size selection of all parts it is the time for assembly.
Parts of frame are jointed by workmen with secure fixtures. Door is assembled precisely by a template.
The process is optimized to the extent that assembly of one door framework takes 90 seconds at all.
Cellular filling materials – pasteboard filler parts – are inserted into frame to make the door light and save its initial proportions.

2. MDF parts
Some parts for future door are made from MDF. Door plat-bands (surface mounted parts that enframe door openings) and finishing accessories are also made from MDF. Thickness of MDF varies from 3 to 16 mm depending on type of part.
At the stage of splicing MDF parts with casing are glued to assembled frame from two sides which allows to obtain perfect flat surface of future door. For better fixing of casing the door is pressed down for 8 minutes.

3. Veneer
After gluing all parts are veneered (covered with natural wood veneer).
Varadoor doors are covered with natural wood veneer (thin leaf of natural wood) of any wood: ash-wood, oak-wood, venge, zebrano, etc.
We are serious about quality of both veneer and wood. After acceptance from suppliers veneer undergoes the following treatment: it is moistened and flattened for better splicing with workpieces. Veneer is selected according to tone to form symmetric pattern and texture. Splicing is performed on German equipment by Kuper.

4. Calibration
The next stage involves cutting off of waste edges and calibration of door to fit to size. Calibration is followed by finishing: door leaf is grinded on gauge-grinding machine to remove all burrs.

5. Paint coating
At first, the finished door is coated with primer on varnish-and-paint line by Giardina. After that master workman matches the tones manually. Only manual coating and matching of tones provides perfect even colour of the door (since natural veneer of one species of wood can vary in tints).
After paint coating door is seasoned under natural conditions for 6-8 hours in separate room and under certain temperature.
Preformed glass can be inserted into door when paint coating becomes dry.

6. Acceptance
After painting each door is inspected by expert. Doors that have even insignificant defects are not allowed to glazing.

7. Glazing
Each Varadoor door model has glazy option. There is a separate glass manufacturing unit at the enterprise that produces various decorative components: glass fusing, stained glass, triplex glass, glass-painting, engraving, sandblasting.

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1. Inspection and acceptance of finished doors
Varadoor provides close control at each stage of production. When door is ready an expert checks it. He strictly inspects the door horizontally and vertically before sending for packing.
In addition to inside control system Varadoor provides outside control – production operations are performed according to ISO 9001 quality standard and every 8 months these operations are inspected by outside auditors.
As a result our customer may rest assured in quality of doors he buys in Varadoor.

2. Package
We pack the door into three-layer package to carry it safe and sound to our customer. First layer is from foam plastic and it covers all sides and corners of the door. Second layer is from shrinkable film. Company pasteboard box is the third layer.
After packing all doors are put into storage in warehouse of finished products.

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