When producing doors, we always try to create something new. For us every new model is a challenge: can the door become a sight bit better? Each Varadoor door is a perfect product. Our professional door assemblers use fine wood as the base and elegant accessories as adornments.

Internal doors by Varadoor are designed for all the time. Classic or new trends? The Varadoor doors can easily and harmonically meet all the requirements taking into account the main rule of design: beautiful doors for a house are the same as the finishing touches on a work of art. They make the interior perfectly designed as doors are used not only to divide the space but also to appeal to the eye. Your house deserves Varadoor doors!

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The Varadoor company has the ISO 9001 quality standard certificate. That means that our team works as accurately, thoroughly and magnificently as a Swiss watch. Creating doors, we know exactly where industrial equipment or hand work are needed, and can make the best use of their combination.

Varadoor doors are made competently: there is close control at each stage of manufacturing.

Quality of Varadoor internal doors is guaranteed. The Organization of Standartization proves this fact by certificates every month. Varadoor doors are the best quality doors.

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Technological process

Our philosophy is to create a perfect product. Manufacturing the internal doors, we use the best equipment of top-ranking brands: German engineering tools by GIARDINA, Spanish machinery by Barberán. Varadoor doors confirm the possibility of natural beauty and high tech balance.

Attention to consumers

We are always striving to listen to the opinions of our clients and we are open to the dialog. One of the areas of our work – Internal doors per order – means that we are ready to make a step beyond the scope of the product line and create a unique door.

We offer you doors of any size or type: single-leafed and wing internal doors, internal solid wood doors, internal veneer doors. Internal doors by Varadoor is the only way to make your house look unequalled.

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If you choose Varadoor, you get internal doors from the manufacturer. This guarantees the exceptional quality of a door. Our doors are available in every region. We created the dealer network to sell our doors.

You can always buy internal doors in Moscow or in any of 22 regions of our dealers. Our internal doors and their prices are two main reasons for choosing Varadoor.

Buying an internal door is not only the original transaction. Service plays a major role also. The Varadoor company pays great attention to clients and strives to make the buying stage as simple and convenient as possible. The Varadoor team consists of professional staff members who, as appropriate, will counsel you expertly and assist you in choosing “your” doors from variety of doors. We are always glad to see you in every Varadoor doors store.

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Just the word of “Venge” fascinates and intrigues. It is like sound of mysterious musical instrument. It sounds strongly, proudly and prettily, so strangely and gorgeously as Venge tree itself which came from far and enigmatic Africa and enslaved with its beauty.



Glass is very dangerous and traumatic material itself. It is rather riskful to process glass because in case of careless handling it flies into pieces. However, there is no hopeless situation, that’s why safety glass called Triplex has been used in production over the last decades.

When and how did this material appear?

Varadoor doors are the result of our desire for creating the perfect product.

We adore and know our job. We have been producing internal doors for more than 10 years.

We are inspired by nature. That’s why Varadoor internal doors are produced from natural wood: pine, birch, cherry tree or beech.

Production of internal doors is a quite complicated and labor-intensive process. You may not come down to brass tacks, but maybe you want to know that wood is special treated at the Varadoor factory. It is seasoned, spliced, shrouded and manually toned.

Our internal doors are the perfect balance of high quality and ecological compatibility.

What is a natural wood door about? It is sensational texture that makes you want to touch it. It is a warm, gentle color that appeals to the eye. It is solidity that was given by Russian woods. Wood doors are the classic of beauty and ecology.

We produce veneer doors. That kind of internal doors consists of wood leaf covered by natural wood veneer. We use different kinds of veneer: red wood, cherry wood, zebrano, bleached oak, or anegry.

Certain advantages of a Varadoor door are the even tone of surface and a perfect coating by natural wood veneer.