Spieces of wood

Botanical name: Quércus róbu.

Type: tree of Fagaceae family. Bleached oak is the result of treatment of oak with special compound which changes natural colour of wood fibers. This provides a tint similar to caramel cream on which tea-rose had left its mark.

Texture: oak wood has cellular structure. Long pith rays are clearly seen on the cut. Growth rings are easy countable and the older the ring the darker it is. There can be spiral fibers at the lower part of oak bole which form an indicative pattern on the cut.

Density: about 700kg/m3.

Range: oak mainly grows in regions of the Northern hemisphere with moderate climate. The widest variety of oaks is in the North America. Only common species of oak grows in Russia. Oak tree does not like places with heavy frost because frost forms cracks on its bark.

Oak is one the strongest trees on the Earth. This giant is naturally strong and robust. Oak wood is solid, durable and waterproof.

Mechanical properties: oak is the tree that is not getting old in the sense of human life. With the increase of years oak is getting stronger and more robust. Neither mold fungi nor insects can damage oak tree as they never originate in wood of oak. Specific experience is required for machining of oak: oak-wood is pliant to machine processing well, however, rough drilling of places for fixture driving in/twisting in is required if fixtures are to be used. The wood must be seasoned under natural conditions, otherwise it cracks.

Application: our ancestors made timberwork for ground water catchments from oak. Water in such catchments was cold and pure as well as it did not overgrow with water-inhabiting plants. Oak bole, oak casks and water-butts were indispensable in household. Though these things had gone with the epoch, nowdays oak is valued for its robustness and invulnerability. That’s why oak-wood is used in manufacturing of floor coating, doors, furniture and even in construction of house.

At all tames oak is considered as symbol of power and wisdom. Neither Sun nor wind or time has ascendancy over this giant.

“The giant soughed with its branches. He seemed to whiffel low clouds and blast the wind. Logic said that it is the wind stirring his mighty crown… and still it was so much fascinating spectacle that logic dropped to the rear”.

Oak is the support-tree of your house.