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R. Schwartz

Varadoor club is informational and discussion Internet area. Here you can find necessary information about doors, ask your questions, share your opinion and communicate.

More about the club

We raise urgent questions and give informative answers. We are always glad to deal with customers, distributors and inquisitive users. You can always write your opinion and communicate on interesting topic.
Nothing separates the members of Varadoor club – geography, type of activity or social status. Our projects unites those people who show discrimination in good things and like their homes.
You also can become the member of Varadoor club!

We provided a place for wishes in Varadoor club. We are always going ahead and ready to extend boundaries of the possible and set new goal. We consider every opinion because it helps us to improve.

I have learned that you will soon take part in exhibition in our city. I wish you luck and success because I think that you are real professionals.

Vladislava, Ekaterinburg, 07.02.2012

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We ordered some doors from Regina series. We liked everything except the fact that not all platbands were delivered. We had to wait for some weeks to get the rest details. We hope that your stores will work more carefully. Nevertheless thank you for doors!

Denis, Vladivostok city, 01.02.2012

We have been in one of your showrooms and consulted about choice of doors and got to know that you don’t produce doors with transom windows. It’s a pity because Palermo doors could fit to our interior. We hope that you consider the idea of transom window production.

Yulya, Cheboksary, 27.01.2012

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