Personnel of Varadoor is a team of like-minded fellows creating the high-grade doors.

Once we have decided to unite natural grace of wood, precision of machine and handwork and we achieved the doors we are very proud of. And our team goes on.

True values

When producing internal doors Varadoor company takes the best from nature – natural fine wood. We add distinguished design and advanced technologies, that’s why Varadoor doors are beautiful and durable.

Varadoor pays true attention to its customers: we produce internal doors and can customize them because we defer to opinion of our customers.

Thanks to values that drive Varadoor company we produce exclusive doors for comfortable life.


Varadoor knows the circulation size of its success –thousands of high-grade professionally manufactured doors and thousands of hearts of loyal customers whom we appreciate.

Over 10 years of development the production volume of Varadoor has increased from 200 to 15000 items a month.

The Varadoor company has the
ISO 9001 quality standard certificate. That
means that our team works
as accurately, thoroughly and
magnificently as a Swiss watch.

The Organization of Standartization
proves this fact
by certificates every month.
Varadoor doors are the best quality doors.


Striving for efficiency forces us to get ahead. This idea fills up all our actions and this objective penetrates the prospection.

Varadoor doors forestall the up-to-date developments but we continue to get ahead.

Objective of Varadoor is to be the leader at the market of internal door production and sell. We follow the recent trends and extend our range of doors.