Accessories are the parts of no little importance because they add completeness to exterior of the door. They can place an emphasis on designer’s solution or, on the contrary, disturb the style due to unfitness to concept.

ФEven though door can not operate without accessories they are related only to auxiliary parts. However the importance of accessories should not be undervalued.

Door handles

Special attention is usually paid to selection of door handles. This is because operation of door as well as its exterior depends on door handles. Two types of door handles are available – push handles and pull (fixed) handles.

Fixed handles

Fixed handle can not be driven, turned or pressed. This handle is not connected with door latch, but it is designed for convenient opening. Such handle is mounted directly to door leaf.

Push handles

Push handle is installed when door is equipped with knob latch mechanism. Door is opened and closed by pushing the handle that drives the lock catch (knob latch mechanism). There is a type of push handles called knob handle (doorknobs). They have round operating mechanism, i.e. the knob must be turned to change the position of knob latch.

Door hinges

Door hinges are fastening accessories that secure the door to door casing (frame). Plated, screw-in and concealed types of door hinges are available.

Screw-in hinges

Screw-in hinges are the drive-in type of hinges consisting of two threaded-pin parts. One part of hinge is screwed into door leaf, the other part is screwed into door casing. Models of door hinges with different number of pins are used depending on door weight.

Plated hinges

СThese hinges are attached to door leaf and casing and fastened with wood screws. Right, left and match-all plated hinges are available.

Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges are invisible in closed position of door. These hinges are tapped into door leaf. The advantage is that the door with concealed hinges can open to 180°.

Lift latches

Door lift latches are latches that fix the door leaf. Built-in and tapped-in types of latches are available.

Built-in latches

This is the most cost-effective type. Built-in latches are installed without drilling or milling operations into special groove in door leaf.

Tapped-in latches

This is the most common type. They are often installed in internal doors. These devices are installed in process of door manufacturing.

Door closers

Door closer is installed to door if smooth closing is needed. This device closes the door automatically and prolongs the life cycle of door hinges.


Stoppers are the devices installed to door to protect door leaf from hitting the wall.

Our company does not manufacture accessories, however accessories made by any manufacturer can fit to Varadoor doors.