Type of doors

Classification of wood doors

There are several classifications of wood internal doors according to the following features::

  • material of coating;
  • internal filling;
  • glass fixing method;
  • opening method;
  • number of door wings;
  • door leaf filling method.

Here you will find the detailed description of each classification to get to know existing types of doors. It will help you to be clear about what type you need.

Types of doors according to materials of coating

1. Veneered doors

Base of veneered door is made from low-priced species of natural wood (for example, pine wood) coated with thin fine wood veneer.

Advanced technologies provide the thickness of veneer within 0.4-1.0 mm. Thin veneer is glued to door leaf evenly and smoothly. Perfect coating creates impression that door is fully made from fine wood. This very type of door coating is used by Varadoor company.

2. Laminated

Base of laminated door is made from low-priced species of natural wood (mostly pine wood) coated with laminate. Laminate is a plastic film painted and decorated to imitate various species of wood. Any material can be the base for laminate. This film is cheaper than veneer because it is less wear resistant. Furthermore, veneer is a natural and environmentally sound material unlike laminate.

Types of doors according to internal filling

1. From wood mass

Doors produced from wood mass represent the classics of the genre. These doors may be produced from fine wood (cherry wood, oak-wood, ash-wood, beech) or low-priced wood (for example, pine wood). Doors made from wood mass are the most expensive.

2. Framed doors

Framed door consists of frame (made from wood block) covered with MDF plates from both sides. Pressboard cells are placed inside the door. They fill cavities so the door can “breath” and it becomes considerably easy.

3. Dimensional

Door leaf of dimensional door consists of integral large glass and dimensional products enframing the glass on the right and left sides.

Types of doors according to glass fixing method

1. Plated moulding

Glass is fixed by means of special wood rack called moulding. This rack enframes the glass and door panel.

2. Insert into door leaf

Glass is inserted and glued into groove provided in door leaf.

Types of doors according to opening method

1. Swinging

Swinging doors are the most common type of doors used in dwelling premises. These doors can be opened either to one side or to both sides. It should be noted that when you choose a swinging door you will have to leave free space for opening.

2. Sliding

Sliding doors can consist of one door leaf or two wings. Door leaves move along the wall or sliding into cavity in the wall.

These doors can be fixed on lower or top rail or on both rails. Varadoor doors are available in both swinging and sliding versions. The choice depends on fixing accessories.

Types of doors according to number of wings

Doors divide into single-wing (single-leaf) and double-wing (double-leaf) doors. Width of door aperture determines the number of wings. As a rule double-wing or double-leaf doors require installation of additional locking element - stop plate or lift latch.

You can order any model of Varadoor door either in single-wing or double-wing version.

Types of doors according to filling of door leaf

1. Deaf

Construction of these doors is fully made from wood and there is no inserts of glass.

Deaf doors are mainly installed in bedroom and bathroom.

2. Glazed

Construction of these doors includes inserts of glass. Insert of glass can be decorated in various ways. These doors are often installed in kitchen and living room. They visually extend the room and transmit light well.

Each Varadoor door is available either in deaf or glazed version.