Maintenance of door

Proper maintenance of door is required not only to keep external beauty of the door but also to prolong its service life.

Door maintenance products
Internal wood door requires careful handling. Use special wood maintenance products to keep good look of your door. Nowadays there is a wide variety of cleaning agents available on the market. However, pay attention to the content: there must be no acids, alkalies and solvents because they deteriorate safety varnish of wood.

Door can be cleaned even without special means. At home you can make simple cleansing agent: mix mains water with alcohol in 90% to 10% ratio respectively and damp a rag in it. Remove residual liquid from the surface with dry rag after cleaning. If you clean varnished doors, apply polish additionally.

If you have no cleansing agents, wipe the dust from door surface with simple wet rag. Then wipe the surface with dry rag to remove residual liquid and to prevent forming of flows. Pay special attention to lower part of door unit. This part especially suffers from wet cleaning.

If you have glazed doors, start cleaning from glass. Wipe the glass with wet rag, then with dry rag. Then proceed to cleaning of door leaf.

Remember: even room is clean you should apply polish to door at least once a year, then your door will shine and look like the new one.

Maintenance tips
Wood is alive material, so observe some usage conditions if you want to keep features of your door.

  • Isolate the door from moisture.

Ambient humidity should be kept within 40-60%.

  • Avoid mechanical damages

If you found scratches on surface of door, you can eliminate it yourself. Damp the scratch with wet rag, then sandpaper it with fine abrasive cloth and polish with wax. Defect will be invisible and crack will not enlarge.

If you plan to repair the apartment, cover the doors with fabric or film to prevent them from dust and material debris.

Do not place heater units near wood door. Excessive heat may cause extension of wood and distortion of the door.

Every 2-3 years take some preventive treatment: grease and readjust door hinges and locks.

If you take due care of your doors and observe even common recommendations, then your doors will serve to you for more than one decade.