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Varadoor club is informational and discussion Internet area. Here you can find necessary information about doors, ask your questions, share your opinion and communicate.

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We raise urgent questions and give informative answers. We are always glad to deal with customers, distributors and inquisitive users. You can always write your opinion and communicate on interesting topic.
Nothing separates the members of Varadoor club – geography, type of activity or social status. Our projects unites those people who show discrimination in good things and like their homes.
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There are 2100to700 mm door apertures in my house and standard doors did not fit to such dimensions. I found on site of Varadoor company that they can manufacture doors by order. I placed on order and was very satisfied with result! They made size doors quickly and at fair price.
Thank you very much!

Vladimir, 18.08.2011

Some years ago we were looking for doors into bedroom. This room is small and narrow and we did not want to overstress it with active elements. In Varadoor company we were recommended to install light doors from bleached oak-wood veneer. They fitted to our interior excellently: matched to wall-paper and furniture. We are very grateful to you! We are planning to buy door into kitchen this year and of course we will address to Varadoor.

Ekaterina, 12.08.2011

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