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We addressed to you by recommendation of our friends and were really assured that your store is good (Stroy-Grad trading centre) and prices are reasonable. Additionally, employees work as a team. According to advice of your consultants we ordered Sorento doors with “Spark” glass and we are very glad with this purchase.

Anton, Ulyanovsk city, 18.11.2011

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We installed your doors 2 years ago and we have no claims! When we bought them we were afraid for quality for a while (usually if price is fair, then quality is low). We chose Nadezhda doors, Ash-wood veneer and got money’s worth. We recommend to our friends to buy exactly Varadoor doors.

Svetlana and Oleg, Novosibirsk city, 14.11.2011

We bought your doors into office. We chose Sorento doors of Venge colour. And now people ask us where be bought them. They look expensive and noble. Further we will address only to your company.

Mikhail, Kazan city, 10.11.2011

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