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I’d like to buy door with glass but I’m afraid that such door is not service-strong.

Maria, 09.10.2011

Good day, Maria!
Each model of Varadoor door has glazed version and our long-term experience has shown that these doors are not less strong than doors without glass. We use special hardened glass of 8 to 10 mm thickness, it can be shattered only if it is hit with hard sharp thing.
We can also recommend triplex glass: two or more sheets of common glass are glued together with special film. Such glass is stronger than common glass almost by five times. Even if it is cracked all shatters will remain on the film and won’t injure a person.

Varadoor, 10.10.2011

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How to increase acoustic insulation properties of door?

Oleg, 16.08.2011

Good day, Oleg.
Gaps between door case and door leaf are the weakest point of door in terms of noise transmission. Sealant stripes which close these gaps are effective in such case. If you are just planning to install door, use sealing foam to fill space between door case and wall. This will fill all empty space and noise will permeate worse.

Varadoor, 17.08.2011

What is better – solid wood door or veneered door?

Evgeny, 15.08.2011

Good day, Evgeny.
In terms of aesthetics veneered doors don’t differ from solid wood doors. They are finished with fine layer of natural wood species and it is hard to distinct such doors from solid wood doors.
In terms of robustness there is also no difference between solid doors and veneered doors.
And in terms of price veneered doors are considerably cheaper that solid wood doors.

Varadoor, 16.08.2011

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