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When I was looking for doors I have come across with the term of “telescopic dimensional product”. I wonder what it is and do you use this technology. Thank you for reply.

Maks, Kirov city, 15.11.2011

Good day, Maks. Thank you for your question, we are glad to answer to it. Telescopic dimensional products include door case, platbands and finishing panels which are assembled like LEGO constructor set, i.e. without nails. Telescopic dimensional products are produced from liquid wood. Varadoor company will soon start to use this technology.

Varadoor, 16.11.2011

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Good day! We decided to repair our apartment and replace all doors. Could you give advice, please, on what stage of repair it is better to replace doors? Thanks in advance!

Natalya, 02.11.2011

It is required to install doors on finished floor according to technology. If you are planning to hang wallpaper you’d better hang them before installation of doors because floor mouldings will hide gaps between door case and wall at the end of working process.

Varadoor, 02.11.2011

I’d like to buy doors with stained glass film. To what extent it is durable?

Ekaterina, 11.10.2011

Good day, Ekaterina! Salf-adhesive stained glass film consists of inky-based colourant which provides excellent service properties of the film. It does not burn out under sun or becomes dim, its colour remains bright and rich for years. Film is proof, it keeps its fineness and transparency within temperature range - 46 to +135°C. You may rest assured that this stained glass film will serve to you for decades.

Varadoor, 12.10.2011

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