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Could you tell me, please, what is the maximum available height of door? Thank you.

Lunina Oksana, Novosibirsk city, 28.11.2011

Good day, Oksana. Maximum height of door leaf is 2300 mm.

Varadoor, 28.11.2011

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Can you deliver doors to Murmansk in case of full advance payment? This year preferably.

Lopicheva, Murmansk city, 23.11.2011

Good day, Mrs. Lopicheva. You can address to representation office of Varadoor company in Saint-Petersburg city (Tel.(812) 677-79-12) or sales office in Ulyanovsk city (retail department tel. 8-902-582-64-35) and then place an order to transport doors of your choice to Murmansk.

Varadoor, 23.11.2011

We'd like to install new door into boxroom but there is very narrow door aperture and we cannot find ready-made door. Could you tell me, please, whether it is possible to order 47 cm width door in your company? What is the narrowest door size available in general?

Yulya, Krasnodar city, 21.11.2011

Yes, Yulya, door of that width can be made by order. Welcome to our office and we will solve your problem. Minimum door leaf width is 400 mm.

Varadoor, 21.11.2011

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