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Could you suggest, please, how to measure door aperture correctly?

Anatoly, 13.01.2012

At first you should measure the width of door aperture in horizontal direction. It is convenient to measure on the floor. Then measure the height along side-slope.
In case the floor has not been laid yet you should make allowance for the level of floor rise. We recommend to measure doors after floor is laid/ready (if it is planned).
You should also measure wall thickness using caliper rule or 2 rulers. Wall thickness can vary that’s why measure it in several points – at the top, at the left and at the right. Then select the highest value.
Wall thickness as well as inclination has affect on choice of door closing elements and allows to determine where hinges must be installed.

Varadoor, 13.01.2012

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What is the minimum height of doors you produce?
We need Sorento doors with one glass with 1900х600 dimensions.

Geran Lyubov Yuryevna, 19.12.2011

Good day, Lyubov Yuryevna. Minimum height of doors is 1900 mm.

Varadoor, 21.12.2011

You produce doors carefully, however, some damages may occur as a result of transportation. Can you guarantee that door will be delivered to me without any scratches?

Irina, Ulyanovsk city, 18.12.2011

Good day, Irina! It is important for us not only to make good doors but also to deliver it safe and sound. For these purposes we pack it into foam plastic, shrinkable film and then into company pasteboard box so you may rest assured that it will have no damages. Anyway we provide certificate of conformity and one-year guarantee for each door.

Varadoor, 19.12.2011

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