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Good day! Could you tell me, please, whether Palermo door with Orchid glass and Sorento door with light glass inserts can be installed close to one another (both doors are made from bleached oak-wood). I mean if the colour and direction of veneer (longitudinal and transverse) will be the same as far as on images direction of veneer is different.

Goryunova, 05.02.2012

Good day! Doors from Palermo and Sorento collections can be placed close to one another because Bleached oak-wood veneer is vertical in these models. You can also choose identical glazing. Doors will fit to interior well.

Varadoor, 07.02.2012

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I have bought swing Sorento doors. Could you tell me, please, whether you produce similar models in sliding version or other models which harmonize with the above? Thank you.

Dyachkov O. E., 01.02.2012

Good day! Almost all Varadoor door models (except Palermo collection) can be transformed into sliding construction by using special sliding mechanism. Doors from Sorento collection can also be transformed into sliding version with such mechanism.

Varadoor, 01.02.2012

Good day! Could you tell me, please, whether prices on the site are valid up to date? Can I base on them?

Firuza, Kazan city, 27.01.2012

Good day! Average price is stated on the site (without regard to various types of veneer and glazing). You can get details from distributors because prices can vary.

Varadoor, 27.01.2012

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