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Statistically earthquakes are the most destructive and dangerous natural disasters. Only over the last 10 years more than 780 thousand people died in earthquakes. Earthquakes take 60% of fatal cases among all natural disasters occurred over that period.

Based on this information the student of London Kingston university Younghwa Lee has designed a sheltering door which can save people’s lives in earthquake focus.

Even common door is considered as one of the most reliable construction elements of building which remains standing when walls are critically destroyed. However, this new door guarantees higher protection. If necessary it can be telescoped to take shape of shield over person’s head. At that, one-meter-high lower section rests upon the floor, the top section is inclined and it protects from falling debris.

It takes five seconds to transform this door into protective shell while the period between first earthquake shocks and the strongest shocks is about 15 seconds according to opinion of experts. This allows to run to protective shelter.

According to project of Lee there must be mini case with drinking-water reserve, pharmaceuticals and clockwork torch. Every door can cover two people. Usually there are several doors in the house that’s why such protection system can essentially increase survival chances of people living in earthquake zones.