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Nothing marks time, everything is developing and goes ahead… Production of internal doors is not an exception: new materials and technologies appear, and previous ones are developed, new solutions and ideas for improvement of door quality and appearance are coming up.

Thus, nowadays “fine line” technology – production of veneer from natural soft wood species – is extensively used in production of internal doors. Some experts call this unique achievement as discovery of the XXI century in door production sphere.

Wood of poplar trees grown under artificial conditions is a basic raw material. The feature is that crown of these trees is artificially formed in upper part of the bole: knots and new sprigs are stumped regularly during growth of tree. This allows getting high-quality wood and minimizing possible flaws.

At the beginning stage of veneer production the required colour and pattern of future wood leaf are set in special programs, and herefrom the technology takes its harmonic name “fine line”. At the first stage the rotary cut veneer is produced from this wood. These are thin single-layered wood sheets 0.3 mm in thickness made by cutting-off (scissoring) of bole sections on rotary cutting lathes. Then sheets of veneer are cut and painted by special technology which provides the required tone of wood. After this coloured layers are stacked in a manner to form required pattern. Layers are spliced and seasoned in oven under press.

Artificial pattern is so beautiful and similar to pattern of natural wood that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural wood.

Varadoor company has been successfully using this veneer production method for several years which over and over again approves unequaled aesthetics of Varadoor doors.