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«Silence you are the best what I have ever listened to»

Boris Pasternak

It is important that nothing disturbs your calmness and nothing makes noise. It is especially vital for urban apartments where walls are so thin and acoustically transparent that every sough can be heard.

If there are walk-through rooms in your apartment or if you like silence and calmness you’d better take thought of doors with good acoustic insulation.

At first acoustic insulation of doors depends on material it is made from. It must be of the best quality. Varadoor keeps strict track of wood quality to prevent any defects before wood treatment preparation stages: seasoning, defect elimination, splicing and calibration. Door assembly technique is of no less importance too. It is essential that all quality standards are observed.

Multi-layered fillers from mineral wool, sealing foam or equivalent porous materials are used to improve acoustic insulation features. Quality of fitting accessories and fixtures also affects acoustic insulation. Vardoor company is concerned about calmness of its customers and produces well acoustic-insulated doors. Get to know our production process to be assured in that fact.